Thursday, February 21, 2013

5 Steps to Encouragement

James Prescott released his Manifesto on Encouragement.
This is your chance to obtain this amazing book for free.
Jeff Goins, author of ‘Wrecked’ says this of the book:

“Encouragement (is) what we need to make a difference. In a timely manifesto, James reminds us where creating change begins: with the heart”

Alene Snodgrass, author of ‘Graffiti: Scribbles from the Street” says:

“A wake up call…if you are looking to be a light to others, this is a must read!”


Friday, February 8, 2013

Real Love

Real Love:Guaranteed to Last by Anne Peterson
I am blessed to be in a writing group with this Author. I mention a problem she prays for me. She does not say, “I’ll pray for you.” She prays right then and there. It is inspiring to rub words with this successful author. 
Anne has outlined her relationship with God for us to view. She wrote down for us to read what God whispered to her. She had even noted what Satan whispered to her.
You have a chance to see in the heart of this Christian. Quick buy this book.
And here's the link: