Tuesday, July 31, 2012


Wrecked: Requested review by author Jeff Goins.
We live our pleasure seeking, stuff accumulating lives and try to keep the big secret. Pleasure seeking does not make us happy. When we can stand the secret no longer, what do we do now? We are listless, no direction, no plans. We live in fear. We’re Wrecked!
Goins:  “What it means to be wrecked—what it really means—is that you
do the hard thing. You step into discomfort. And this is how
life is…. Life is not about you.” “Welcome the anxiety that comes with doing the right choice.”

Understand what I am saying here. The book releases August 1. Buy it!

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Gas Foods

Dear Nurse Annie,
My baby is still crying. I am so exhausted. My mother says I could be eating something that is hurting my son. I am so tired I want to quit breast feeding.
What can I do?
Exhausted Ethel.

Dear Ethel,
I am sorry this problem continues.
I would encourage you to review your diet before you quit breastfeeding.
Foods the mother eats that may add to gas in babies
Acid foods: Tomatoes, citrus, vinegar, cabbage, broccoli, cauliflower, beans, peppers, cucumbers, garlic, onion .
Allergies: If you are allergic to a food it is a good idea to avoid it. Examples: Cow’s milk, fish, eggs, wheat, citrus.
Just eating less of these foods may help.
I know you are tired Ethel. Do keep me up to date on how you are doing.
Nurse Annie

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Crying Baby

Dear Nurse Annie.
My son cries even more now. I rarely sleep more than a few minutes. My mother says to put my baby  on his belly and let him cry it out. The packet from the hospital says not to put him on his belly.
What can I do?
Exhausted Ethel.

Dear Ethel,
I am so sorry your baby is still crying. It is not recommended for a baby so young to belly sleep.
At this point I would suggest you visit with your Pediatrician.
You are exhausted and need help.
This could be a time to adjust what your baby is eating. You need to discuss your routine with the nurse and work into a more comfortable situation with your baby.
Do let me know how your visit goes.
Nurse Annie.

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Cry Baby

Dear Nurse Annie,
My baby has been such a good boy since his birth a month ago. Not that he sleeps all night, but when he does wake, I care for him and we go back to sleep. But lately he just stays awake and cries. He can cry for hours. We are both exhausted. My mother showed me to mummy him. Is this safe?  Help! Exhausted Ethel.

Dear Ethel,
Congratulations on the birth of your baby boy. As you are noticing there can be a change in belly status around a month of age. There can be  a change in sleeping and activity habits.
1.       In my nursing student days in the newborn nursery I was taught to swaddle the baby with their arms at there sides. They often instantly relax and feel safe. I used it with my babies. Most babies wiggle out of it. Always watch to allow unobstructed baby breathing.
2.       Around now the belly becomes an even bigger issue. Gas-sy! If you are using any cow’s milk formula rethink it. (Soy may work better if DR. allows.)  If all mama made milk rethink recent diet that may have gassy foods. (last 2-5 days). If you have introduced any baby cereals. Think on this a bit. Might run this past your Pedi nurse you have another long night.
3.       Do you allow him to suck to exercise and relieve stress?  A Pacifier? (Not all agree with this either. ) After your dinner is a good time to exercise to wear down for bedtime.
4.       So often at his age the problem is a gas bubble, even in the best of food places . Laying on the side and massaging the back and belly can help. Lay on right side to relieve gas, but sometimes switching to left side helps for a few minutes.
Sleep well!  
Nurse Annie