Thursday, March 29, 2012

Taking Medication

Dear Nurse Annie,
How do I stop taking my Blood Pressure medications? They make me feel so sick and dizzy. I am 48 and would like to not take any medications. Dizzy Dave.

Dear Dave,
First, Dave, Do Not Stop your Blood Pressure medication.
2. Discuss your side effects with your doctor’s nurse and your pharmacist. You may be able to change medications and have fewer side effects.
3. Start taking your blood pressure regularly and keep a log to take to the doctor with you.
Being well enough to stop your medication is another issue. You will want to develop a plan to improve your overall health and meet with your doctor to discuss, refine your plan and set review points to adjust your medication as you progress. We will work on a plan next time. Tell me a little about your medical history and your goals to improve your health.
Be Well.
Nurse Annie.  

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