Thursday, April 12, 2012

Gained Weight

Dear Nurse Annie,

I used to run five or six times a week. Now that I think about it, I am not running. And you are right. I gained over twenty pounds last year.

What happened is,  I had headaches and went to the doctor. That is when I was told to take blood pressure medicine.

I still feel awful on this blood pressure medicine. I always feel the urge to pee.

Also, I have started a job with a lot of pressure and eat out more because of the travel.

Wow. Now that I think about what I am saying I can see why I gained weight. How do I lose weight?

Dizzy, Fat Dave.

Dear Dave,

You are right. Stopping your stress relieving running, could have easily have led to your weight gain and the increase in blood pressure.

The first step is to gently increase your activity. Walk 45 minutes a day. As you get stronger you can increase your activity.

Review the foods you are eating. Keep the salt down. Consider reducing your saturated fat.

What do you tend to eat? Which vegetables do you enjoy eating?

Dave, you are starting to see ways to reduce your blood pressure with healthful activities. I expect you have a good chance to back away from you medication when your doctor agrees.

Nurse Annie

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