Thursday, November 1, 2012

Scared Sam


Dear Nurse Annie,

My blood pressure is staying down with pills, but my wife thinks I could do better. What should I be eating? I like meat and lots of it. 

Scared Sam

Dear Sam,

What to eat is a good question. We are all looking for way to eat better and still enjoy our food.

Saturated fat: (Meat) Make every bite count. The body has to fight off saturated fat and can make bad decisions about storing it. So we have heart disease.  

Ocean Fish: Add some of this. Look for ways you enjoy fish. (Not fried).

Vegetables: Eat lots. Explore new ways. Raw. Chopped. Steamed. Just enjoy lots of fiber.

Fruit: Eat a lot.

Grains: IF you like grains eat whole grains. Mushed grains are not whole grains no matter what the box claims.

Let me know what you think.

Nurse Annie.

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