Thursday, June 21, 2012

Disaster: Staying Home

Disaster: Saying Home
What if you are in your home during a community disaster? You could be home for days with no electricity or water?
How would you prepare? What would you need?
1.       Water: What would you use for water? Do you stock bottled water? Do you have another water source?
2.       Food: Frozen food would not stay frozen. How would you deal with melting food? Do you keep canned foods?
3.       Cooking: How would you cook or boil water to reduce germs? If you Grill, Do you have ample fuel for a grill?
4.       Sanitation: Are you set up to manage human waste water free and keep sanity?
There is a lot to think about in a disaster preparation.  What do you do to prepare your home?

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